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Disease Control


BEAM provides control against blast disease that occurs at various growth stages of rice crop

Benefits and Features

Key Benefit


Well known brand with rice best control of blast at all growth stages


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• Beam contains the active ingredient, Tricyclazole, belonging to melanin biosynthesis inhibitors. 
• It is currently sold and registered in 19 countries
• Beam provides best control of blast at all growth stages.
• It has prophylactic action.
• Highly systemic with xylem mobility-good leaf and root uptake
• No resistance issues reported till date



Rice (Oryza sativa)

Controlled diseases

Beam provides control of  Leaf, Stem  and Panicle blast disease.

300 - 400 gm beam per hectare for foliar spray and 

  • Leaf Blast
  • Panicle Blast
  • Stem Blast

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

Technical Specifications

  • Mode of Action

    • Tricyclazole inhibits polyhydroxynapthaline reductase enzyme and thus inhibiting melanin formation in fungi (Pyricularia grisea). 
    • In the absence of melanin, appressoria fails to produce penetrating hypha or penetration hypha fails to penetrate into host tissue. Hence disease is not allowed to spread. 
    • It does not allow the fungus to establish by preventing its entry into the plant system. 
    • It is highly systemic in action thus it is rapidly gets absorbed by rice leaves and roots and is translocated toward the leaf tip which suggests its xylem transport.
    • There is also movement from a treated leaf to non-treated younger leaves.

Always read and follow label directions.