Chill Field

Galileo sensa
Disease Control


GALILEO SENSA systemic fungicide for control of leaf and neck blast of Paddy and anthracnose, wet rot and powdery mildew of Chilli.

Benefits and Features

Key Benefit

Galileo sensa

Fungicide with combination of two modes of action and both preventive and curative action for effective control of diseases.


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  • Combination of two modes of action and both preventive and curative action leads to excellent protection against difficult to control diseases and more it an ideal resistance management and IDM tool.
  • It has unique redistribution properties viz Systemic and Translaminar movement, diffusion in the wax layer, redistribution by air, Axial redistribution.



Pepper, Chili (Capsicum frutescens)


Rice (Oryza sativa)

Controlled diseases

Galileo Sensa controls blast disease in Rice and powdery mildew, wet rot and anthracnose in chillies

1000 ml per hectare using 500 litres of water 

  • Choanephora cucurbitarium
  • Colletotrichum Capsici
  • Leaf Blast
  • Panicle Blast
  • Powdery Mildew (Leveillula taurica)
  • Stem Blast

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

Technical Specifications

  • Mode of Action
    • Picoxystrobin a strobilurin fungicide inhibits mitochondrial respiration. Bind at the Qo centre  on cytochrome b and block  electron transfer between cytochrome b and cytochrome c1. This disrupts the energy cycle wihin the fungus by halting production of ATP.
    • Tricyclazole belongs to group of melanin biosynthesis inhibitor. It inhibits of melanin formation in fungi. It is a systemic fungicide that gets rapidly absorbed and translocated all over the plants. It is a specialty systemic fungicide. The product is rapidly absorbed by rice plant and translocated towards leaf tips. It is a protectant fungicide that prevents the fungus from penetrating the plant. Inhibition occurs when the fungus attempts to penetrate and establish an infection site inside the plant. 
    • Tricyclazole treated spores are unable to penetrate as it cannot synthesize melanin and by doing so cannot generate enough turgor pressure to rupture host cuticle. Tricyclazole also inhibits the spore formation and release from sporophores. Spores formed are also less virulent.

Always read and follow label directions.