Autumn rice field


Bio Stimulant (Fertilizer)

HUMICIL-G is Bio Stimulant for agricultural use as a soil conditioner that helps in improving seed germination, seedling vigour and enhances crop yield

Benefits and Features

Key Benefit


Humicil-G results in superior crop produce by: Naturally chelating soil nutrients and accelerate germination.. Enhancing seedling vigour and root expansion. Helping retain soil moisture and increasing microbial activity. Improving uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients making crops robust. Robust crops can better fight diseases as well as drought.







  • Humic acids are the end products of the humification process of the humus.
  • It helps in improving seed germination, seedling vigour and yield improvement in a number of crops.

Technical Specifications

  • Mode of Action

    The granules slowly release the active humic material after they are directly broadcast on the soil. Direction of use: 4 kg per acre or 10kg per Ha and recommended crops: Cotton, Chilli, Paddy, Potato, Soybean. Precautions: For agriculture use only. Do not mix with other pesticide and Biostimulants. Storage Conditions: Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight Approved Organic under NPOP. (National Program for Organic Practice APEDA, Min, of Commerce & Industry)

Always read and follow label directions.